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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Project Art – The Social Arts Market ™ is a superb and remarkably innovative online platform for artists and art lovers everywhere. Artists have the opportunity to present themselves as well as to offer their works for sale. In turn, art lovers can learn more about the artists and can make more informed impressions about what they appreciate most, as well as having the opportunity to make purchases. It’s a bold claim, but Project Art offers a ‘different art experience’.

It seems best to let the Project Art founders say a few words:

"Project Art’s vision is to democratise the arts by building a new art market model, a level playing field for artists, art lovers and newcomers alike."

(Project Art website)

Founded in 2016, Project Art is headed by co-founders Johannes Fröhlich and Clemens Hackl, dedicated art enthusiasts who recognised an opportunity to develop a new form of artistic interchange. The website has attracted many subscribers and has enjoyed millions of hits, and shows every sign of increasing exponentially in its popularity. Johannes and Clemens are on a mission to revolutionise the art market, where the members and subscribers, even the visitors, are the curators. This is clearly a ground-breaking, inspirational and exciting opportunity in the world of contemporary art.

Co-founder Johannes Fröhlich in room 194 at Art Rooms 2017

Recognising strong links and many shared aspirations with the annual Art Rooms exhibition, Project Art decided to sponsor the exhibition this year. The links include a strong international element, a desire to promote and encourage truly gifted and inspirational artists, and to provide enhanced opportunities for cultural and artistic exchange between everyone who has a shared appreciation of contemporary art. There is also a shared desire for excellence and an enriched, life-enhancing experience through creative expression and shared social connectivity.

The sponsorship included a fiercely contested competition with the winning four artists being presented with the opportunity to display their art at the 2017 exhibition.

The winners of the Project Art completion were:

1. Emese Wu

2. Mireia de Coursey

3. Falk von Schönfels

4. Damian Borowik

Mein Leben in Quittungen by Falk von Schönfels

See the Connected Cultures review of Art Rooms 2017 here for coverage of the winning entrants’ displays.

Project Art is impressively different from many art websites and market places. This is so much more than an online catalogue or shop window. The site provides a genuine opportunity for information sharing and for learning about the artists and their art, their motivations and their creativity. Art lovers have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and appreciation of art in their own time and chosen environment, and to click on and view as much or as little as they choose to at any one time.

© Eddie Hewitt 2017

See the Connected Cultures review of Art Rooms 2017 here


Project Art

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